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Caitlin Kasberg, MA

It seems like it’s one frustration after another, one problem that mounts on the next like a never-ending flow of difficulty that leads to grief, burnout, anxiety, and depression. Perhaps you wonder if this is all there is, and how you can ever find peace and joy within the tidal waves of hurts and past regrets. Or maybe you live with a nagging sense of self-doubt, insecurity, or anxiety about the future. As your counselor, I'd love the opportunity to come alongside you and help you step more into the life you imagine for yourself and God imagines for you as well.

Allow me to help you not only regret-proof your future, but also make peace with your past. We will work within your natural gifting and wiring so you can live a life that honors who God created you to be. And together, we will determine what next steps you need to take in order to live your best life possible.

I have a master’s degree in pastoral counseling and am currently working toward my master’s in clinical mental health here at Christian Counseling Connection. I specialize in working with children, teenagers, and adults who experience anxiety and depression, or who may be walking through seasons of uncertainty or grief. Set up an appointment today and let me help you take your next best step.



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